Thirsty Thursday: Paloma Cocktail with Orange

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Today is the kick-off to this amazing new weekly column sponsored by Bulldogs Discount Liquor Store in St. Marys, Georgia. Our mixologist aka editors will bring you a tasty recipe each week right here on Camden Lifestyle online.

Today’s treat is a Paloma Cocktail with Orange

A slightly different twist on the traditional tequila Paloma cocktail recipe. This Citrusy Paloma Cocktail is naturally sweetened (refined sugar-free) with fresh orange, lemon, and grapefruit sparkling water or light natural soda, then topped with orange peel.



  • 1 –2 large Oranges (Juiced) or  4 ounces fresh juice.- Preferably cold
  • Lemon or lime – Splash of juice plus extra for lining the rim of glasses with salt (if desired).
  • 2– 3.5 ounces tequila blanco/silver Patron or Deleon available at Bulldogs Discount Liquor
  • 2 tbsp or more agave nectar (light)- Adjust to your liking.
  • Coarse sea salt or margarita for garnishing rim glass
  • Optional Ice
  • Chilled 10 to 14 oz sparkling citrus/flavored water or low cal soda (Like La Croix or Bair Bubbles grapefruit that’s sugar-free). S
  • Lemon (or other citrus fruit) slices to garnish
  • orange peel or slice to garnish

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